Episode 107

September 02, 2023


Worms Crawl Out

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Saul Perez
Worms Crawl Out
Nerds From the Crypt
Worms Crawl Out

Sep 02 2023 | 00:45:46


Show Notes

Hello everyone, and welcome to Nerds from the Crypt, where we interview indie creators about their upcoming and ongoing horror projects. We also review your favorite and sometimes not-so-favorite horror movies. Thank you to every one of you who listens to each episode and if you are a new listener, I would like to say welcome.


For today’s episode I welcome back an old friend of the podcast, Dan Schmidt. Dan was with us back on episode 77 talking about his debut graphic novel “Worms Crawl In” a 160-page black and white graphic novel that features Delane, a spirit medium who hits rock bottom when her only friend is murdered. She meets the ghost of Marco, who is trapped in the rotting corpse and finds out both are looking for revenge against the same person that killed Marco and Delane’s friend. Together, they embark on the quest for blood that turns into a journey of self-discovery and redemption.


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Website: https://wormscrawlin.com/

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Dan returns to the podcast to talk about his follow-up 90-page graphic novel “Worms Crawl Out” which continues to follow Delane during the events of "Worms Crawl In" and is devastated about her failure to protect Marco. She is aided by her companions Jordan and Parker as she descends into the darkest pit of the underworld while they battle a horrifying threat above.

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