Episode 106

August 19, 2023


The Cryptidnals

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Saul Perez
The Cryptidnals
Nerds From the Crypt
The Cryptidnals

Aug 19 2023 | 01:38:55


Show Notes

welcome back to Nerds from the Crypt, where the Nerds look at your favorite and sometimes not-so-favorite horror movies. We also invite horror creators to come on and talk about their current and upcoming horror projects. I want to thank all of you for being so patient as we work to get new episodes out. We have several interviews coming up talking about some very interesting and exciting projects.

If you are an indie creator that would like to come on the podcast to talk about any of your projects, you can contact us on our social media. @nerdsftc on what used to be Twitter, now called "X", but also on Instagram, Facebook, and Threads. You can also email us at [email protected]


For today's episode, We will be talking to Ray Ramos and Oliver Lee Arce. They are here to talk about The Cryptidnals, their 148-page black-and-white graphic novel that brings together cryptids, mesoamerican deities, Lovecraftian horror, and creepypasta characters. The Cryptidnals is written by Ray Ramos and illustrated by Dario Rodriguez.

Not only will we be talking about The Cryptidnals, but also the legends that inspired the characters in the book and some of the personal supernatural stories that we have experienced. Stick around for the full episode and let us know what you think about the book or the stories we talked about. 




Find your copies of The Cryptidnals at the following link: linktr.ee/thecryptidnals

Check out this review of The Cryptidnals by Emy Manini over at Latinx Spaces



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