April 29, 2019


The Zombieful World of OZ #1

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Saul Perez
The Zombieful World of OZ #1
Nerds From the Crypt
The Zombieful World of OZ #1

Apr 29 2019 | 00:41:01


Show Notes

Eric Hawkins joined us this week to talk about “The Zombieful World of OZ”. This version of the classic tale is a Victorian-Steampunk-Fantasy-Horror-Zombie Adventure Story. You will return to a familiar landscape, with legendary characters you were never able to forget.

You will find new, updated versions of the characters we all love and know. Eric tells us how he came up with the look of the characters during our episode. He also tells us what to expect in the series, and where he is pulling his ideas from. I don’t doubt we will all learn more about the world of Oz as the series continues.

If you like what you hear, then you should head over and help back “The Zombieful World of OZ”. Any fan of the Wizard of Oz would love to have this in their collection. Click here to see learn more about this project.

"It’s been ten years after Dorothy’s fantastic adventure. She is now 24 and ready for release from a mental hospital. The years following the cyclone, people could not comprehend her tales of adventures and wonder in the Land of Oz, and thought her crazy. Years of therapy and rehabilitation followed. Now she is being released and her will and new resolve are going to be tested like never before."

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